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Glass Cat Eyes Road Studs On Highway


Recently, Linhai province of 225 provincial road installed glass road studs on the highway , driving at night,the cat eyes road studs shine brightly under the light of the car lights, like the stars in the night sky, very beautiful.

glass cat eyes road studs

Linhai reporter: "I am now in the place is our Linhai S225 provincial road , behind me on the left and right sides, in the light of the car lights shining, road studs on highway very good-looking, this is our Taizhou first shining beautiful road."

According to the introduction, compared with the traditional cat eyes road studs, glass road studs is brighter, and the darker the sky, the stronger the reflection. When illuminated by car lights, the glass road studs looks like a raised "luminescent ball" that reflects 360 degrees to make road boundaries clearer. Moreover, the glass reflective road studs is not affected by the curve of the road, so that the safety of the turning area has been greatly improved.

glass road stud

Cai Lingjian, chief of the maintenance engineering department of Linhai highway administration bureau said, "the installation of cat eyes road studs will improve the safety of our S225 provincial highway at night, and will make the outline of our roads more obvious, making our whole highway more beautiful at night."

At present, Linhai city has completed the laying of 225 provincial road 30 kilometers of cat's eye road studs, the follow-up will complete the laying task of all 45 kilometers. In the next stage, the cat eyes road studs is expected to be popularized in other provincial highways and accident-prone sections of Linhai city.