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Do you know what the most important function of LED Solar-Powered road studs light is?

Road studs are a common form of traffic barrier used to guide people in the right direction and to prevent speeding and traffic accidents. They are mainly used on roads and railways. In the beginning, they may have been plastic reflective spikes or metal spikes made of alloy, installed on the sides of the road, or on the median, to guide people along the road ahead. But as society progressed, the need for LED solar road stud grew as did the need for spider-web-like roads. On the one hand, we want them to help us see where the road is going, and on the other hand, we want them to reduce the number of injuries caused by traffic accidents. there are hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents every year, and every day around 170 people die in traffic accidents, one every eight minutes. In recent years, the popularity of solar-powered road studs has gone a long way to alleviating some of the traffic accidents caused by roads.
Do you know what the most important function of LED Solar-Powered road studs light is?

For example, the metal reflective road studs on zebra crossings are designed to enable motorists to see the road ahead at night and in rainy weather, thereby reducing the number of traffic accidents and safeguarding both the safety of pedestrians on the road and the travel of motorists. Apart from the zebra crossings at pedestrian crossings, solar-powered reflective road studs have also been installed along motor vehicle routes to delineate the edges of the carriageway and the traffic lanes. However, in the early years of the installation of metal road spikes have also caused many traffic accidents, such as raised metal road spikes will be inserted through car tires, there are also electric vehicles driving through the road spikes after the tires were punctured, many pedestrians in the rain walking through the road spikes easy to choke feet, more children riding bicycles tripped by the road spikes, therefore, a variety of types of road spikes came into being, as energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar road spikes instantly become the maintenance of traffic safety The best choice for traffic safety.
LED Solar-Powered road studs light
Nowadays, there are various options for road studs, from aluminum studs that are embedded in the ground flush with the road surface to ultra-thin plastic solar studs that rest on the ground. Of course, no matter what type of spike is used, the aim is to serve us better. The aluminum studs, which are embedded in the ground, have a load-bearing capacity of over 40 tonnes and are waterproof to IP68, giving them a longer and less fragile service life. Previously flashing road spikes, may also need to spend materials and manpower, cumbersome installation and maintenance of the later replacement from time to time, encounter rain and snow and other bad weather road spikes at any time may not work properly, now road stud light, to a certain extent, can also reduce the consumption of utility power, can be said to be a hundred benefits but no harm.

LED road studs can be divided into two types according to the installation position: buried and raised, the former generally used in the center line, the latter generally used in the edge line. This is because the solar nails installed in the center line have particularly high requirements for compressive performance, and in order to solve this problem, the solar nails have to be buried in the ground, exposing only about 5 millimeters of ground. The solar nails used in the edge line do not have particularly high requirements for pressure resistance and still work effectively when protruding from the ground.

In practice, LED Road Stud Solar Powered have proven to play a significant role in outlining the road in rain and fog and at bends, guiding drivers' vision and thus eliminating safety hazards. Compared with ordinary reflective road studs, solar road studs have two most important features: Firstly, the luminous brightness is high. Ordinary reflective road studs' reflective brightness of only 300-400 MCD, while the solar road studs' luminous brightness of up to 2000 MCD or more, is the former 6-7 times; so high-intensity light can be in the night through rain and fog, safe and effective for drivers to guide the direction. Secondly, active light-emitting, dynamic warning. Solar road studs flash at night with a certain frequency, and human vision is more sensitive to changes, so its dynamic warning effect is very strong. Active luminescence can not only avoid the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent but also can be separated from the dependence on car lights, the visual distance is farther and more effective. So, road studs are really a great contribution to our traffic safety!