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Do You Know this Smart Solar Road Studs?


intelligent road stud

Just as skin is the largest organ of the human body, roads are the largest infrastructure on the planet, covering 30 million kilometers (8 million miles) worldwide.
However, only 4% of roads in the world are equipped with sensors for transmitting critical data such as traffic patterns, dangerous conditions, driver behavior and accidents. That's because making roads "smart" today costs about $ 3 million per mile.


Smart road stud


Valerann is a leading global toll road operator responsible for managing and developing urban toll road networks in Australia and the United States.
Part of Valerann's focus on the UK is the UK's emphasis and support for infrastructure innovation. This includes an adequate budget for infrastructure innovation.
But the main reason is based on the replacement of existing reflective studs, which are embedded in every 10 to 15 meters of roads in the UK, highlighting collisions and ports-wireless plug and play smart road stud containing sensors and antennas that collect and transmit The data pole-mounted control unit sends data to the cloud for analysis.

At the end of this real-time process, road operators receive a complete "roadmap" showing real-time conditions, and intelligent road stud can send alerts when necessary. The LED lighting of the smart solar road stud can change color or flash remotely, for example, to help guide emergency rescue teams to the scene of an accident, or to remind other drivers that vehicles on the road are stalled.

Jacobson said that road studs are replaced every few years, so they can be gradually replaced by Valerann smart road studs. Valerann's piles need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years, which can be consistent with the planned resurfacing.

Valerann's IoT technology will eventually be able to interact with and support decision-making systems for autonomous vehicles and connect with navigation applications and vehicle drivers in Gett, Uber or Lyft networks to provide road alerts.