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Do you know about solar road stud lights?

Road studs were first created to warn drivers of the existence of obstacles. At that time, there were no street lights, or the lighting conditions could not be reached. Returning to modern society, some roads are insufficiently illuminated at night, and if the vehicle speed is too fast, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. There are many situations where it is difficult to distinguish the lane at night and it is difficult to see the vehicle stop line. It is very necessary to install solar road stud lights.


The installation and use of LED solar road stud lights has avoided the influence of rain and fog on driving safety to a certain extent. At night, solar road stud lights have a strong light that penetrates the rain and fog, highlights the outline of the road, and safely and effectively points out to the driver Driving directions to create a safe traffic environment. The most important thing is that the solar road stud can automatically flash automatically in low light conditions.
When night comes, you can see their flickering figures no matter in the bustling city streets or remote mountain roads. These small road stud lights look like a galaxy from a distance, decorating the city and the dark night. Whether it is installed on the edge of the road or on the center line, it can play the role of decoration and warning.
The pressure resistance of LED road studs is generally very strong, because vehicles with different loads come and go on the road every day, if the load-bearing capacity of the road studs does not meet the standard, they will soon be destroyed and unable to work, which is also a measure of road studs. Important criteria for nailing. In addition, whether the road stud lights can withstand high and low temperatures, and whether they have the effect of waterproof and dustproof are very important.
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