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The Application Of Solar Powered Cat Eyes On Road


application of solar powered cat eyes

Solar powered cat eyes consist of solar panels, leds, batteries and enclosures. The solar panels on the top of the spiral cylinder absorb solar energy during the day, which can be converted into electricity and stored in the storage battery. At night, the electricity in the storage device can be automatically converted into light energy (controlled) through the photoelectric switch, and the LED light shows the path contour and guides the driver's line of sight. 

It has been proven that intelligent, safe and sustainable solar cat eyes on road can improve road safety at night. Provides a view of the road layout within the driver's natural line of sight and beyond the vehicle's headlight beam. Where are the solar powered cat eyes can be used?

The solar powered cat eyes can be used in following scenario:
• Communication, utility grid, power generation, power plant 
• High dangerous fields such as oil storeroom and chemical 
• Bridge, high way, railway
• Transportation and trucks
• Hydrology, water conservancy, reservoir
• Fishery, breed aquatics, shipping and boating ,docks
• Building site, tower crane, some operation equipments in the field
• Large-scale entertainment, establishment, entertainment location and large- scale manual scene
• Building appearance, decorative and advertisement