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Choose a Place to Install Solar Road Stud Markers

The solar road stud marker is a solar powered delineator with an omnidirectional LED producing 360° visibility. Initially designed for cycle track and pathway installations as an economical alternative to hard wiring. There are also numerous other applications where the product can be used such as driveways, marinas and campsites.
Here will introduce how to choose a suitable place to install solar road stud marker. Firstly you need to consider the location, if there are large areas of shade or if the path is prone to overgrown borders/debris then this may have an impact on the performance of the product. There are many ways in which you can position the units for installation solar road stud marker.

solar road stud marker
Here are some suggestions: Narrow or irregularly maintained path – Use a centre line spaced at 4.5m. Wider paths or highly maintained areas – Use either side of the path spaced at 9m but staggered at every 4.5m • 3m+ wide shared use paths. A centre line can be created but offset so that 2/3 are created for cyclists and the remaining 1/3 for pedestrians and other users.

solar road stud marker
To install the solar road stud marker , we should use a unique milling cutter to bore the hole where the blade creates debris rather than dust, therefore making the process less harmful to the environment. The product is then fixed in to place using a structural 2 component all weather adhesive.
Following preparation of the site by clearing the area and marking the required placement of the units, each cut into a typical asphalt takes less than 2 minutes. We estimate that 200+ pieces solar road stud markers can be installed in one day. How long before the path is ready to use following installation? At 25°C the adhesive will be tack free within 30 minutes but please allow 24 hours before the path is completely ready.