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Solar/LED Cat's Eyes NK-RS-X5 From NOKIN Traffic


Since 2010, NOKIN Traffic has introduced solar cat's eyes, which have a higher visibility than the traditional “cat eyes”. Its patent product NK-RS-X5 solar powered cat's eyes provide forward visibility of up to 900 m, providing better guidance and hazard warnings to drivers in the dark, even in harsh weather conditions. Unlike traditional reflective studs, the use of superior solar high-intensity LEDs means they do not rely on vehicle headlamp efficiency to function effectively.

solar cat's eyes

LED cat's eyes are flashing solar cell powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices used in road construction to delineate road edges and centrelines. Embedded in the road surface, they are an electronic improvement on the traditional cat's eyes in that they may give drivers more than a thirty-second reaction window compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflective devices. Superior distance visibility allows drivers additional reaction time to respond to road layouts ahead

LED cat's eyes

Compressive value has always been an important indicator of the solar powered cat's eyes. solar cat's eyes NK-RS-X5 has a compressive value more than 40 tons and can be installed in the center of the road.The material is Cast aluminium,waterproof IP68,Two working mode:flashing or constant;In a full range of colour options for all road and path delineation uses, including white, amber, red, blue and green.

Specifications of  solar cat's eyes NK-RS-X5:

Body Material Cast Aluminum Waterproof IP68
Power Supply High efficient solar panel 5V/80MA for lithium battery 3V/120MA for super capacitor LED Ultra bright diameter 5mm (6pcs or 18pcs) super brightness >5000mcd
Battery Lithium battery 3.2V/1000MA; Super capacitor 2.3V/120F Life Span 3-5 years with battery
Visual Distance 1000m(approx) Load Capacity >40T (can be installed in the middle of road)
LED Color Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White Size Dia 135*50mm
Working Mode Recharging at day and working automatically at night Working 
Flashing Mode Flashing or Constant Weight 1000g
Working Hours (1).Blinking:130 hours for lithium battery; 30hours for super capacitor after fully charged.
(2).Constant:35 hours for lithium battery; 15hours for super capacitor after fully charged.