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The Usage Of Aluminium Reflective Road Stud


 Reflective road stud are safety devices used on roads. These devices are typically made of plastic, ceramic, thermoplastic coatings, glass or metal and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Raised reflective marks, such as plastic, ceramic, metal markings, including lenses or sheets, can improve visibility by retroreflecting the headlights of the car, while glass road studs concentrate the headlights of the car into a dome shape and the internal reflective layer reflects light.

ALUMINIUM reflective road stud

The aluminum road stud are divided into two types: fully cast aluminum and cast aluminum. Full cast aluminum means that the shell is made of metal and has high compressive strength. It is generally used in double yellow lines and is generally called all-aluminum road studs. Cast aluminum shell means that the shell is cast aluminum, the inside is a filler, such road stud cost is lower than that of the whole cast aluminum, but at the same time the compressive strength is not so high, generally called cast aluminum road stud or cast aluminum filled road stud .

Aluminum road studs are more durable and have a longer service life than plastic road studs. Plastic studs can be used for temporary or short-term road maintenance work. Aluminum reflective road studs can be used for long-term road works or permanent road dividers. Both plastic and aluminum road studs can be used to determine the boundary between the right and left sides of the road. If aluminum road studs are used in the middle of the road, it is recommended to reduce the speed of the vehicle and provide awareness to the driver.


aluminium road stud

In addition, reflective road studs have other functions: if they are densely mounted on a road, they can act as a convex line and slow down. However, only all-aluminum reflective road studs have this characteristic, which has a high compressive strength and is usually used for double amber lines. Many countries in the Middle East tend to replace the convex line with an aluminum road stud, because to draw a convex line, you must purchase an expensive shock absorbing marking machine, in addition, it requires a lot of labor and time. On the contrary, road studs are not only cheaper than convex lines, but also relatively easy to install. Therefore, when the amount of engineering is not large, the use of road studs instead of convex lines has a high cost performance. However, the service life of the road  stud is much smaller than that of the convex line, so the overall situation needs to be considered when selecting between the road stud and the convex line.