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All you need to know about LED Solar Road Studs Light

Driving down a dark road, you may see occasional flashes of light from some devices mounted on the road. These devices are known as road studs, or cat's eyes (due to their design) or raised road markings. These objects consist of a lens or thin plate that enhances their visibility by reflecting light from car headlights, allowing drivers to see the road. They are glued or anchored within the road surface for lane marking and delineating visibility at night.
All you need to know about Solar Road Studs
Solar road studs are available in different sizes, in aluminium, rigid ABS plastic or glass. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and severe shocks. They can be fitted with reflectors on either side, both sides or all sides. Reflectors can be or come in a variety of colours depending on their intended use. The most common colours are white, yellow and red. More advanced road studs have been introduced. In their place are solar road studs, which can run for many days on a single charge. Of course, these are also more expensive than the normal reflector versions. led road studs have a solar panel on top and a battery, which they charge by sunlight during the day. At night, their led lights start to glow. They may or may not have small reflectors, but because of the bright leds they are easier to see. They are easier to see from a greater distance than other types of road studs.
LED road studs are one of the most important devices that prevent cars from running off the road or driveway, making our roads safer. They reflect the light from a car's headlights and allow drivers to see the bends and corners of the road from a distance. Even in the dark, drivers can easily see the route, end and corners of the road and determine where to turn and which lane to use, and thus drive safely. This makes the earpieces very useful on poorly lit roads. They provide effective night-time navigation even in poor weather conditions.
In addition, these studs act as lane markers. When a car runs over them, the bumps are transmitted to the cabin and passengers will always notice them. This means that if a car drifts from one lane to another, the driver will be alerted and can take corrective action.
You will also find road studs installed at pedestrian crossings. These signs make it clear to drivers approaching vehicles that pedestrians are crossing the road.
The rules for maintaining the distance between two reflective road studs vary from country to country. In India, the distance between two reflective cats eyes on the road is determined by the type of road. On highways it is usually 9m - 18m, depending on the radius of the horizontal/vertical curve of the road.
All you need to know about Solar Road Studs
Advantages of road stud light
They act as guidelines, telling drivers where the road turns and how to turn.
They provide visibility during the day or night, regardless of the weather.
They tell the driver through auditory and tactile feedback that his car is drifting into the other lane.
road stud light protrude at the edge of the road to help the driver determine the boundaries of the road. This reduces the chances of vehicles running off the road.
They do not require electricity. They have reflectors or solar light emitting diodes, which means no electricity is consumed.
They act like speed bumps. Raised road studs are installed to slow down or control the speed of vehicles, especially on urban roads.

Disadvantages of solar-powered road studs
They are expensive to install and replace. It is cheaper to draw lines to mark the edges of lanes and roads.
solar-powered road studs are poorly installed and can easily come loose, causing accidents.
solar-powered road studs with bright flashing solar-powered LED lights produce a flashing effect that is picked up by the brain and causes photosensitive epilepsy.
Vehicles making noise when driving over road studs. This can be annoying to people in cars and other road users.