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Advantages of Solar Cats Eyes Road Stud


Solar cats eyes road studs provide a good solution for a safe and sustainable infrastructure, providing road layout with superior distance visibility. The solar cats eyes road studs is activated at the beginning of dusk. Once the morning sunlight intensity exceeds 100 lux, the light will stop and the battery will start to charge. They maintain light output throughout the annual cycle and have been proven to increase safety at night. Even on cloudy or rainy days, solar road studs will be effectively charged to 100% in about 3 hours.

solar road studs

The advantages of these solar cats eyes road studs over reflective road studs are:

1. Solar cats eyes uses the built-in sensor to automatically illuminate at dusk and recharge during the day.

The output power of the LED is> 100Hz, which can be seen within 900 meters. Thanks to the installation of solar cats eyes road studs, we have a cable-free, therefore easy and fast possibility to make pedestrians pass more safely.

2. Solar cats eyes use solar energy to drive the embedded LED lights.

Adding embedded LED lights to each solar road studs, by increasing the driver's reaction time, makes these reflectors have significant advantages over traditional cats eyess. Since the reaction time depends mainly on the vision, solar cats eyes road studs can give drivers a reaction time of up to 30 seconds instead of the traditional cats eyes 3.2 seconds. Drivers with ten times higher visibility can reduce the accident rate to 70%.

solar cats eyes road studs

3. More obvious warning effect.

The reflector effect of ordinary reflective cats eyes in rainy or foggy weather is very poor, so the warning effect that people want can not be achieved. The solar cats eyes road studs are built-in LED lamp beads, which have stronger penetration and will not be affected by rain and fog. In bad weather can still play a good guiding effect.

Solar cats eyes road studs are widely used in the basic road infrastructure sector, including: emphasis on dangerous curves, introduction of traffic calming measures, marking bicycle lanes and roundabouts. In addition, solar cats eyes are very suitable for harbour and recreational venues, such as piers, piers and footbridges, parking lots and public plazas.