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Pedestrian crossing solar smart road stud in Shenzhen China

"Pedestrian crossing smart road stud" is a part of the intelligent pedestrian crossing system. Some places are also called "smart zebra crossing" and "diversified zebra crossing" are all to solve the problem of people and cars on the zebra crossing.
Pedestrian crossing solar smart road stud

The first attempt to make this technology was the Yichang traffic police. They combined the thermal imaging detection technology with the ground solar road stud. When no pedestrians passed, the two rows of ground solar road stud would not react. vehicle passing smoothly at normal speed, once the probe detects a pedestrian on the road, the smart road stud on one side will automatically start to flash, just like you are greeted. At the prompt of the smart road stud, vehicle slow down or even stop to give way to the pedestrian.
Pedestrian crossing solar smart road stud

The first one use of the Shenzhen Traffic Police is the “Wireless Synchronous Buried Solar Road Stud”, which has the following advantages:
(1) Convenient construction, no need for road cutting. Just drill a few holes. The least damage to the asphalt layer of the road surface.
(2) The product realizes wireless control synchronous flicker, does not need to be connected to each other and control box control, and belongs to the "fool" type of working mode. The simplest is the most reliable, it is our consistent design philosophy.

However, when it was implemented, it encountered another problem, the brightness of the product was not enough! It turns out that the street lights in the city are too bright. NOKIN Traffic has been exporting for many years. The products have been widely used in Russia and Europe. They have not encountered the problem of “not bright enough” from customers because all European cities are not as good as the streets of Chinese cities. 

solar road stud on road
To solve this problem, we use the power-operated buried LED solar road stud. The product has the advantage of being powered by a 220 V AC power supply. The operating current of the LED can be increased and the brightness of the product is guaranteed. The disadvantage of buried smart road stud  is that the pavement has to be grooved, the engineering is complicated, and the cost is high. After the installation, the night effect of the product was well received by the Shenzhen traffic police. Now, residents of Shenzhen can cross the road safer.