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Solar LED Cats Eyes Light Up Railway Station


solar cats eyes

After installing solar LED cat eyes, the prospects for Essex railway station are bright.

The solar cats eyes have been installed on the sidewalk at Chappel & Wakes Colne Railway Station, on the branch line between Sudbury and Marks Tey.

The walk along the entrance road was once dark and non-luminous, but now there are 54 solar cats eyes in place, the walk road is illuminated and provides a clear walking path for passengers.

"At Great Anglia, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so solar lights are an added benefit because it helps reduce the energy we are using."ESSCRP manager Jayne Sumner said: "These solar cats eyes will help to light train users during dark mornings and evenings. I would like to thank everyone who helped them in a timely manner during the timely installation process. The customer brings real benefits. "" By making the site and the environment it enters more secure, we hope that the newly installed lighting will encourage more people to use the solar cats eyes and become a cost-effective benchmark for other sites. "

One advantage of solar cats eyes over street lights is that they do not require wiring and cost less than installing street lights. Solar led cat eyes are small in size, easy to install and maintenance-free. Is a good choice for road lighting.