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PC Round Solar LED Road Marker in Romania


Project location: Romania
Product model: NK-RS-K1
Installation time: April,2020

Another good news appeared in Nokin Traffic. In April, we received feedback from our customers in Romania. The customers were very satisfied with our road solar led road marker. He immediately contacted our sales staff to order the solar road marker again. The customers and NOKIN Traffic were very satisfied. It is a win-win situation.

solar road marker in Romania

The PC round solar led road markers in Romanian were installed roundabouts and protruding obstacles on the road to remind vehicles to pay attention to the road traffic at night. The custom-made solar led road stud has 10 LED lamp beads, and the 6 lamp beads distributed on both sides are designed to be constantly bright, while the 4 lamp beads on the other two sides are blinking. Romanian customer chose green and yellow solar led road marker.

This PC round solar led road marker uses high-quality LEDs at night to provide maximum visibility. You can use 2 screws and fixed plugs to easily install solar road marker to the ground. The material type of the led road marker is PC, and the LED color options are yellow, blue, red, white and green.

solar led road marker

This PC round solar led road marker can also be used for sharp bends, dangerous bends, pedestrian crossings / refuges, concrete traffic islands, middle / separation belts, bicycle lanes, speed bumps, combined lanes, roundabouts, guardrails, narrow bridges, intersections and much more.