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The Application of NK-RS-X5 in Parking Area

Project location: Canada
Product model: NK-RS-X5
Installation time: 2020

Whether it' s a small car park that requires reflective studs for increased visibility or an entire stretch of motorway, Nokin road stud markers can cater to any specification. Apart from installing road stud markers, we also have the equipment necessary for their removal.Our range of reflecting road studs and solar cat eyes are ideal for increasing visibility on the road both at night and during low visibility weather conditions. Cat eyes also help by indicating direction and increasing safety when used indoors such as under cover and underground car parks.

The Application of NK-RS-X5 in Parking Area
Embedded solar road stud NK-RS-X5 uses aluminum alloy material and its load capacity is more than 40T (can be installed in the middle of road). And USA brand flexible solar panel with high conversion and charge efficiency are applied.
Recently, we got feedback from Canada customers. He installed the solar road marker on parking area in front of house, making the outline of road more clear and safe.

The Application of NK-RS-X5 in Parking Area
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