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The Application of Solar Road Marker on Motorway in Canada

Project location: Canada
Product model: NK-RS-Q7
Installation time: 2018

As we all know,solar road marker are typically applied to roads that have or are considered to be hazardous, including bends, or intersections that provide better delineation and merge at complex intersections, up/down ramps, and lanes. They provide better guidance.

However, with the development of technology, the application of the solar road marker is not limited to this. The ultra-thin solar road marker NK-RS-Q7 developed by NOKIN is only 11 mm thick, with a transparent PC case, 5 colors to choose from, waterproof level IP68, available On the pavement, bicycle lanes, roundabouts and decorations, it is very popular among customers in the USA and Australia.

solar road stud
Yesterday, we got feedback from Canada customers. He installed the solar road marker on both sides of the bridge and used it in combination with street lights, making this bridge very charming at night.

Solar road marker be developed because they save energy, use solar energy to automatically charge, store solar energy in a capacitor container or battery, and automatically discharge when there is insufficient light. Another great advantage is that it is easy to install, no need to re-route, and is free of maintenance.Solar road marker on motorway are not limited to use on highways. In addition to warnings, some solar road marker have been developed for decoration. I firmly believe that her application will be more extensive in the future.
solar stud light