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Solar LED Road Studs Appeared in Urban Road of South Africa

Project location: South Africa
Product model: Solar LED Road Studs NK-RS-A6-1
Installation time: 2016
Solar LED road studs is a new type of luminous warning product for road traffic facilities, suitable for roadside edge, fast and slow lanes, and road islands. The solar LED road studs is also a clear, eye-catching, adjustable brightness flashing warning sign. Continuously arranged can form an optical lane,solar LED road studs on urban road can clearly depict the road outline, especially in foggy days, rainy days and night can display high brightness road information, and flashing lights play an obvious role in guiding warning.
LED Road Studs in South Africa

Solar LED road studs on urban road can be seen in South Africa,our South Africa tried many products before, but half damaged in three months.After he choose NOKIN's solar LED road studs NK-RS-A6-1,he is very satisfied with the quality of our solar LED road studs and the effect of installing them on the road.Our LED Road Studs in South Africa still work well after three years.

The traditional road stud has a simple shape, only the reflective film is illuminated, the base is small in size, the fixing performance is poor, the ordinary material is not resistant to rolling, the reflective film cannot be actively illuminated, and the warning effect is poor. Nokin's solar LED road studs are beautiful in appearance and can be used for both road surface induction and decoration purposes. It is our patented product and flexible choice of use scenes. The lamp holder is made of die-cast aluminum material, the surface is spray-coated, solar power is supplied, and it can be used for more than 48 hours for 3~5 years.
Road Studs on Urban Road

Specification of solar LED road studs NK-RS-A6-1:
Body material Aluminum(GB-ADC12)+PC(Japan Brand)
Power supply USA Brand High Efficient Solar Panel
2.5/150MA for NI-MH battery
5V/60MA for Lithium battery
3v/120MA for super capacitor
Battery NI-MH1.2V/600MAH(high temperature resistance, made in China)
Lithium battery3.2V/500MAH(made in Japan)
Super capacitor2.3V/120F(made in Korea)
Water proof IP68
Visual distance >800m
Life span 2years for NI-MH battery;
5years for Lithium battery;
10years for super capacitor
Load capacity >30T(can be installed in the middle of road)
Size L125mm*W107mm*H26+50mm