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NOKIN LED Cat Eyes on Urban Road in Colombia

Project location: Colombia
Product model:
LED Cat Eyes NK-RS-A6
Installation time: 2016

If you live or have been to Colombia, you may see that Nokin's LED cat eyes appear on the city roads in Colombia. Our Colombian customers have highly valued Nokin's LED cat eyes products and said they will establish long term cooperative relations.
LED Cat eyes in Colombia

This is the video of LED Cat eyes in Colombia for your reference:


The LED cat eyes purchased by Colombian customers have the following characteristics:
1. Product structure: mainly made of aluminum alloy, with reflective sheet and led lamp bead. solar panel, electronic components and LEDs are sealed in the lamp body by special techniques. The products are waterproof and dustproof, which can work in long-term water-storage roads and outdoor harsh environments.
2. Comparison of ordinary road stud and solar road studs: The reflective brightness of ordinary reflective road stud is only 300-400MCD, while the luminous brightness of solar LED cat eyes can reach 4000 MCD or more, which is 10 times that of the former. High-intensity light can be worn at night. Rain and fog, safe and effective for the driver to guide the direction.
3. The application scope is mainly used for urban roads, high-speed kilometers, urban communities, forks and so on in sunny places.
4. Product role: Solar LED cat eyes on urban road flash at a certain frequency at night, and human vision is more sensitive to changes, so its dynamic warning effect is very strong. Active illumination can not only avoid the rain and fog interference to a large extent, but also can be separated from the dependence on the car lighting, and the visible distance is farther and the effect is better.
5. Product prospects: Today, solar LED cat eyes are used as a kind of transportation products. They use solar energy to obtain energy and use led as light source. It has energy saving, environmental protection and convenient installation. As the number of vehicles increases, road design The demand for humanized signs and warnings is constantly increasing. The use of commercial power supply to warn of excessive cost, and the use of solar LED cat eyes and solar road marking will be an important source.