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The Composition of Solar Road Stud Markers

The size of solar road stud markers is very small so that the composition of solar road stud markers is simple. The solar road stud markers are always composed of solar panel, solar controller, battery, LED light source and shell.

solar road stud marker
The core part of solar road stud markers is solar panel. It is the most necessary and important part of solar road stud markers. Solar panel is a semiconductor device with PN junction. According to the photovoltaic principle, solar energy can be directly converted into electric energy. Controller can prevent the battery from overcharge and deep discharge. At the same time, it has the function of temperature compensation and road light control. The controller has the function of automatic load switching at night, so as to solar road stud markers can work for a long time during rainy days.
Battery is a kind of energy storage element, which stores the electric energy converted from solar cells in the daytime, and provides electric energy to street lamps at night. As an environmental protection and energy-saving semiconductor light source, LED has a strong development momentum and is the most ideal light source for solar road stud markers.

solar road stud marker
With time control, solar road stud markers can be turned on in high efficiency enhanced mode when necessary (many pedestrian and vehicles or under extreme low light condition in the first half of the light) to provide good lighting, while other time periods (few pedestrian and vehicles in the second half of the night) can be output in super energy-saving mode, which can save the power consumption of battery and prolong the working time of street road stud markers.