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Solar Road Stud With Low Price Is Benefit Or Worry


solar Road MarkerThe word "low price" is always exciting, but the clunkiness behind it often causes headaches for buyers. Let's share an actual solar road stud case.
Yesterday, I encountered a customer who purchased solar road studs from other suppliers with low price, The solar road studs on the road did not last for half a month,one tenth of the solar road studs are damaged.

It is understood by telephone communication that this is an engineering contractor who does road marking. Solar road studs are just a product that they come with. Not long after their company was founded, it took a lot of effort to sign a project, and finally got a construction opportunity. Through the concerted efforts of all employees of the company, all aspects of the project construction went smoothly without much trouble, but one week after the solar road studs were installed, they found that at least one tenth of the solar road studs were not working at night, so they felt very weird. At the time of purchase, the manufacturer told them that the quality was very good, and they were also very puzzled. They decided to go and observe during the day and did not expect to scare them. The non-working solar panels are all broken, and those working solar panels are beginning to be damaged. What makes them even more unbelievable is that many solar road studs have been broken.

This case tells us that when choosing a supplier, you must choose carefully, not blindly. Sometimes low road stud prices bring you more than profits, but more troubles.Now the price of solar road stud varies in the market. When choosing a solar road stud product, pay more attention to the parameters and performance of the product. You can't only compare the road stud prices. After all, good quality products cannot have low prices. But we have to buy the most cost-effective products at a certain price. If you have this demand, please contact Nokin Traffic!