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Plastic Round Solar Road Pavement Markers For Sale


solar road pavement markersThis plastic solar road marker is designed to guide vehicles and pedestrians in the right direction. Solar-powered, more environmentally friendly, with light-sensing function, it will light up automatically when it is dark. Under the guidance of this solar road pavement markers, people will be safer. It can reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, and uses special direction lights to make driver more clear, thereby improving road traffic flow and enhancing safety. This plastic solar road marker can withstand 20 tons of pressure, so cars can drive directly on it.

Solar road pavement markers can reduce traffic accidents at regional railway crossings and intersections, and provide navigation and danger warnings for drivers in dark and severe weather. The solar system of plastic studs is beneficial to reduce environmental impact and save costs. The plastic solar road studs produced by our company with competitive prices, NOKIN Traffic have more than 15 years of production experience,road pavement markers for sale many years,providing more choices for the global traffic road safety market and trusted global partners.

The round design makes this solar road pavement markers have a wide range of application scenarios, not only for use on roads, but also for public place lighting, park lighting decoration, used to drive prey at night on farms, and protect livestock, for the top of isolation column and etc.

Specifications of solar road pavement markers NK-RS-K1:


Body Material PC Waterproof IP68
Power Supply Solar panel(Monocrystalline 2.5V /0.2W) LED φ5 Ultra bright LED*10(double side)
Battery NIMH 600MAH Life Span 3 years 
Visual Distance 500m(approx) Resistance 20 tons
LED Color Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White Size Dia117*23 mm
Working Mode Recharging at day and working automatically at night Working 
Flashing Mode Flashing or Constant Weight 350g