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Permanent And Temporary Road Studs


Road studs are one of the most popular road markings you can find on roads, Bridges, and subway systems. These mechanical road markings are essential for motorman and drivers to stay in their lanes, especially at night.

As an important traffic safety device, road studs can be permanent road studs or temporary road studs. Whether these mechanical road studs are permanent or temporary, they should be effectively fixed to the road surface to prevent them from falling off and causing traffic accidents in the future. They should also have excellent reflexes and be able to withstand weather and other factors over a long period of time.

When it comes to permanent road studs, two types of road studs are recommended. The first is a snowplow able road stud , and the other is raised and dented. Road studs for snow are specially protected from damage during snow plowing and removal from roads.They are made of metal castings that protect prisms from vehicles and snow. Because of its special design, this type of permanent road stud is most common in areas with relatively high snow rates.

snowplow able road stud

The second kind of permanent road studs are recessive reflective studs. As the name implies, the recessed reflective studs are installed in the grooves and then cut on the road using the latest cutting edges. For one-way markers, the length of such grooves is approximately 1.2 m. For two-way markings, the grooves are approximately 2.1 meters long.These grooves are then used to secure the road stud at its low point, about 1.6 cm below the road surface. This type of permanent road studs is most common in tunnels, Bridges and major highways.

recessive reflective studs

For the use of temporary road studs, these are usually installed in areas or roads that are still under construction or work. Mechanical road markings used are essentially the same as permanent road studs.

The only difference is that the road studs are mounted on asphalt or epoxy cladding. Therefore, after work or construction is completed, only temporary road studs can be removed without damaging the road surface.

Basically, these are the main road studs that you may not have known before. However, in a highly competitive market, the marketing of these signposts involves a lot of modification and upgrading.All of this is to improve traffic safety, especially on traffic busy roads. A typical example is the solar road studs. The road studs are by far the most popular on the market today because of their ability to glow at night and thus enhance a driver's view of the lane.

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