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NOKIN Flashing Solar Road Stud Working Mode

Solar road studs have a variety of different working modes: flashing light, constant light, delay light, GPS/Bluetooth synchronous flashing, etc.

Synchronous solar road studs, also known as solar co-channel studs, refer to solar road studs that are installed separately but flash at the same frequency. Solar road studs use GPS and Bluetooth chips to achieve synchronous flashing of solar road studs.


Separately mounted solar road studs flash at the same frequency. Obstacles on the road and on the ground are outlined with the best visual effects. For bluetooth sync solar road studs work in the same blinking pattern. In synchronous flashing mode, it is usually used as roadside, green belt marking, deceleration line, obstacle indication, etc. Synchronous flashing solar road stud is a very effective technical means for urban beautification, anti-fog guidance and road marking enhancement.


Let's take a look at the classification of wireless synchronization technology:

    1. GPS wireless synchronization: This wireless synchronization technology has good effect, no distance limit, and high cost. Because it requires GPS transmission signal, it is not suitable for tunnels. This kind of GPS synchronization flashing road stud is suitable for ultra-long distance synchronization applications, such as Highways, national and provincial trunk roads, etc.

    2. 4G/Bluetooth wireless synchronization: Solar road studs using this synchronization technology, the synchronization effect is average, the distance between the road studs is short, and the cost is low, suitable for small-scale synchronization, such as villages, urban intersections, etc.

    3. LARA wireless synchronization: good synchronization effect, long distance, high cost, suitable for signal synchronization in a wide range, such as mountain road bends, national and provincial trunk roads, etc. Nokin's smart zebra crossing system uses LARA wireless synchronization technology.


NOKIN solar road studs can be adjusted to flash with Bluetooth synchronization or GPS synchronization. Each solar road stud is available in yellow, white and blue. Green and red five colors are available. We are committed to providing you with competitive prices, innovative designs, efficient development and high-quality solar road studs.