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Led Solar Road Studs To Improve Safety At Motorway Junction


In 2018, Highways England installed 170 light-emitting Led road studs on switch island junction, citing 49 collisions at junctions in the past two years.

solar road stud on motorway"We are always looking for new ways to further improve driver mobility and safety. The innovative
light-emitting solar road studs and other improvements we are introducing will make it easier to
navigate intersections, benefiting thousands of drivers every day.New road stud on motorway can 
be seen 800m away." "Said the project leader.

The plan aims to improve traffic flow and improve safety. The new traffic lights will be installed at
heights of more than five metres - higher than the HGV and double-decker buses - so that drivers
approaching the junction can clearly see when the lights have changed. Other improvements will
include changing road layouts and lane markings, new barriers between lanes, colored high-friction
surfaces and better signs, and the creation of a new 400-meter Shared bike path through intersections.

The introduction of solar road studs is a response to changes in traffic lights at busy roundabouts and is a continuation of the tradition of cat eyes, but with the new technology available. The new pillars have been shown to reduce lane violations by more than 50 per cent under certain conditions and are therefore a good way to improve safety for all road users.

The RAC said there could be other applications for the technology such as “bus lanes to let motorists categorically know when they are in operation”.