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LED Illuminated Solar Road Stud Markers

Nokin Traffic is specialists in road safety at night in the development, manufacture, and sales of quality solar road stud markers, solar cat eyes, solar road studs or solar raised pavement markers.
Solar road stud markers are a low-cost, self-contained, solar-rechargeable, LED illuminated marker. They can be used to reduce speed, signal driver attention to common features, hazards, and dangerous bends on our roads. Solar Road Markers are not to be used as a replacement of retroflective raised pavement markers but as a new high-tech alerting device. Miracle solar road stud marker is truly self-contained and independently powered by the latest solar power cell technology that requires no external source of energy to operate,other than the available sunlight. 

solar road stud markers
The LED illuminated solar road stud markers are more effective than the conventional reflective road marker when it comes to improving road safety. Conventional pavement reflectors are only visible to drivers when the headlight beam is directly reflected back to the driver. L.E.D. illumination from our Nokin solar road stud marker is visible to drivers much earlier and ahead of the reaches of their own headlight beam. This is especially effective around sharp curves.
Some wonder how long is the lifetime of solar stud markers’ L.E.D. bulb? With L.E.D. illumination, there is no bulb to burn out, since it contains a transistor-like diode that emit light beams when supplied with a very small amount of electrical current.Thus, the L.E.D. "bulb" is virtually burn-out free during the lifetime of its unit.

solar road stud markers
For infrastructure applications of solar road stud markers, white or red LED lights are usually specified. For decorative and architectural applications, other colours are more common, such as green, orange, blue and yellow. The lights function at different settings: they can emit steady light or they can blink.