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Highway LED Solar Road Stud Marker

Highway road stud markers, also known as raised road stud marker. There are many kinds of road stud marker, such as reflective road stud marker, plastic road stud marker, cat eye road stud marker, solar road stud marker, etc. According to the different functional materials, the names are different. With the development of science and technology and the progress of civilization, the solar road stud marker has been gradually popularized from the beginning of imported products, and gradually approached the public's vision.

Highway road stud markers
Due to the design concept, the solar road stud markers is improved in the ordinary  road stud markers, and the LED lamp is added. Compared with the ordinary road stud markers, it has the characteristics of active lighting and better direction in the dark. The traditional ordinary road stud markers generally adopts the reflective mode, and the reflection brightness is generally less than 500cmd. Because most of the domestic reflective abrasives can not meet the international standards. Most of the reflective brightness can not reach this value. But the solar road stud marker can achieve the effective lighting value of 2000 + CMD with the help of LED lights, which is four to five times of the former.

Highway road stud markers
Solar powered road stud markers use solar energy to charge and automatically emit light at night and in rainy and foggy weather when the light is insufficient, which can guide the vehicle to the right direction and effectively ensure the traffic safety. The product is easy to install and use and can save energy effectively.
The application occasions of road stud marker include road sections with more than four lanes back and forth, but without separation belt and insufficient light at night; intersections / zebra crossings (deceleration tips); sharp turning roads; foggy areas (seaside and airport roads); expressways and roads without street lights; guide line positions at the entrance and exit of viaducts and tunnels; vehicle diversion points (around the trigonometric Crossroads); railway ramps; toll station; accident prone area. It is necessary to beautify the night scene, such as urban sidewalk, park path, etc.