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Bluetooth Road Stud Technology In China


Bluetooth Road StudWhen it comes to road studs, People from the transportation product industry are surely familiar with it.Road stud is a common roadblock method used to guide people to follow the correct direction to prevent speeding and traffic accidents. But recently, a Bluetooth road stud technology has become popular in China. Have you ever seen such a bluetooth road stud?

The reason why Bluetooth road stud technology is popular in China is that a large number of shared bicycles have been put into use in China in the past few years. However, parking management of shared bikes has always been a problem. In order to prevent shared bicycles from being occupied by private individuals for a long time and to facilitate bicycle parking management, Bluetooth road stud technology quietly prevailed. This technology mainly uses plastic bluetooth road studs to construct parking areas one by one. The sensing distance of each "bluetooth road stud" is within 1 meter, which means that if the shared bicycle is parked outside this distance, it is impossible to inductive, will not be able to lock the car for settlement.

Tianjin is the first city in the city to introduce Bluetooth road stud technology to manage bicycle parking order. Hexi District analyzed and compared the specific conditions and traffic flow of key sections in the district, and finally chose to take the lead in piloting the Tianjin Cultural Center. At present, 10 standardized parking spots have been planned in this pilot, 67 Bluetooth road studs have been installed to guide users to regulate parking, and consciously dress up the "Urban living room".

In the next step, Hexi District will also track and analyze the use of the Tianjin Cultural Center pilot, continue to improve the Bluetooth road stud technology and management model, and increase the promotion of the Bluetooth road stud pilot area in the entire area, and effectively improve the refined bicycle management in the entire area Intelligent level.

Current solar road stud also have this kind of Bluetooth technology. Utilizing the high-precision recognition of Bluetooth, solar road studs can achieve the same frequency flicker. This kind of road stud are also called Bluetooth synchronous flashing road stud. Nokin Traffic can also provide you with this service. If you need it, please contact us.