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NOKIN Group Participate in Australia National Road Traffic Expo

On September 17th, 2019, Australia National Road Traffic Expo which is for the entire roads transport ecosystem was started, NOKIN Traffic Facilities Co.,Ltd is one of the exhibitors. This exhibition is the only road transport exhibition in Australia, covering two aspects of road construction and transport. Exhibition categories mainly include infrastructure, traffic management, traffic safety, parking facilities and other public lighting and public transportation.

The products of Nokin Group involve road safety guidance, road facilities and solar transportation facilities in infrastructure construction. The main products are solar powered road stud, reflective road studs and solar traffic signs. Many new and old customers from Australia went to the booth to get product information.
Nokin Group was founded in 2001, with 18 years of production and sales experience, we have been committed to producing high-quality traffic safety products to bring customers with good experience with quality products.LED road studs produced by our company own good reputation from customer of domestic and abroad. The solar powered road studs also with CE/FCC certificate and with best price.

If you have requirement of the solar cat eyes road stud, welcome your inquire!