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Active Solar Road Stud Application In Tunnel

The tunnel wired road stud is actually one of the active road stud. The difference is that its energy supply is not solar energy, but is alternating current in the tunnel (because there is no solar energy in the tunnel).

With the gradual improvement and completion of highway construction in plain areas, hilly areas and economically developed regions in various provinces and cities, the focus of national highway construction is gradually shifting to mountain areas and mountainous areas with relatively backward economic development, Long tunnels and extra-long tunnels are also growing. Due to the hidden belt structure of each long tunnel, its driving environment is also very different from that of ordinary expressway.
active road stud  in tunnel
Since the road tunnel is a closed space, the traffic space is limited and the air is not easy to circulate. Therefore, due to air pollution in the tunnel, the original passive reflective road stud will quickly collect dust on the surface, thus losing the reflection effect. In this context a tunnel wired road stud is produced.

Wired road stud in tunnel clearly depict the edges and contours of the road in the tunnel. They are not easily rolled by the vehicle and have a long service life. Wired road stud can last for more than five years. In addition, the conductor for mounting the wired road stud can pass through the wire slot without cutting the groove on the road surface, so the structure is simple and convenient.
Wired Road stud in tunnel
In addition, the method of flashing active solar road stud is also different. Some of the solar road stud on both sides flash simultaneously and the flicker frequency can be adjusted; some of them can be turned on all the time. According to our experience, in the straight raod, the constant light mode will make the driver feel more comfortable, and the project is simple and reliable.