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Solar LED Road Stud In UK Uesd In Parking Lot

Project location:UK
Product model:
Installation time: 2017

Need a smart solutions of your dark parking lot?And the parking lot is inconvenient to wiring?Then the LED road stud is a good choice to light up your parking lot,but if your paking lot is indoor and it is no sunlight all days,then you can consider the reflective road studs.
solar road stud UK
In our impression, the LED road studs are a practical road safety device for roads between cities or cities, shopping centers or intersections where traffic is more complicated. Road stud are used as lane regulators and road separators. By projecting the vehicle headlights with a glass bead lens, an effective field of view can be provided. Guide the driver at night and in inclement weather. However, in the parking lot, residential parking lot, public and private parking lots, etc. can also use led road stud, led road stud is more penetrating than traditional reflective studs, and is an active light source, this can take place by means of an actively illuminated marking(LED light). As a result, the perception of potential dangers has increased attention.
led road stud
Our solar road stud in UK are used in a outdoor parking lot,blue light can waring people careful of the cars.Those LED road studs are IP68 design, no need to worry the rainny days and sediment on ground.White,red, green,blue and yellow five colors for choice.After two years, the LED road studs in UK still working well.We also accept ODM and OEM service, if you need paint your logo on the LED road stud, welcome to contact us to get the details!