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Application of LED Solar Road Marker On Airport in Brazil

Solar road markers in Brazil were widely used now,You can see the LED solar road marker in parks, gardens,roads,highways and other public places.In the September we received the feedback of our Brazil,the LED solar road markers were used in airport.
solar marker on airport

At the airport, powerful runway edge lights are installed around the runway to guide the aircraft as it takes off and land. This kind of solar marker on airport can neither illuminate the runway nor illuminate the airport. Instead, those LED solar road marker mark the size (length and width) of the runway. Therefore, the pilot has a good reference point between the aircraft position and the runway, whether at night or in other low visibility conditions.
LED Solar Road Markersolar Road marker in Brazil

All of these active LED solar road marker installed on the runway can draw attention to the pilot's eyes. They are especially useful when your vision is limited, such as on a foggy night, or when it is raining heavily or heavy snow. In front of the plane, there are three sets of horizontal LED solar road marker perpendicular to the runway, the first two groups are white, and the last group is green ,the green group of lights is located at the entrance of the runway, called the runway entrance lights, and the role of LED solar road marker is prompt the distance between the pilot's aircraft and the runway entrance.