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The Main Features of a Perfect Solar Road Stud Markers (1)

With wide application of solar road stud markers all over the world, customers would like to know the main features of solar road stud markers and how to choose perfect one. The writer will give his answer following.

solar road studs

1.Impact Resistance
As we could image, traditional road studs installed on the road surface would  inevitably be rolled over by vehicles and frequently collide with tires. Rigid as pitch pavement is, it would crack, collapse and break down with the pressure of time and heavy load. Not mention to little component as dedicate as road studs. As a result, road studs could be broken or wrecked so easily that their performances of illumination will be reduced or failed. Considering that, solar road stud markers utilize qualified Aluminum and PC materials which has been tested and approved for its durability and anti-compression by lab and practical application. And embedded designation of solar road stud markers helps to protect any damage from road work, sweeping car and snowplow. 
The solar road stud markers produced by Nokin company have the capacity to withstand a weight up to 30 tons and can be installed in the middle of the road with its excellent impact resistance.

Solar Road Studs Anti-impact Test
As sophisticate electronic components, solar road stud markers could be ruined by humid climate and water leakage. Once water seepage happens, it’s a fatal blow to panel, electronics and optics which are fitted inside the shell of solar road stud markers. Therefore, improving tightness is the priority of great water-proof capacity. Several strategies are applied. First, use reinforced neutral bonding material to ensure no gaps among shell and inside components, even in where lampshade and solar panel meets. Second, use double-layered structure and injection of waterproof material. Third, separate LED lamp caver and the internal structure to guarantee electronic components fine. 

Solar Road Studs Water-proof Test
Nokin company give full consideration to the water-proof capacity of productions. We use advanced manufacture techniques and promise that none of our single production would be destroyed by water leakage.