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The Solar Road Stud Marker in China’s City

At present, solar energy products are more and more widely used in China, such as solar water heater, solar photovoltaic power generation system, solar road stud marker, solar LED light, solar energy billboard, solar traffic sign, etc., especially solar road stud marker has become an important industry of traffic facilities.
According to statistics, the area of solar energy collection in Shenzhen in 2001 has reached 43000 m2, and more than 10000 M2 has been added each year in recent two years. It is expected that the development speed will be accelerated in the next few years. This year, the Shenzhen Garden Expo Park, which was built this year, has installed a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a capacity of 1 MW, which is known as the first in Asia.

solar cat eye road stud
A few months ago, more than 50000 yuan was invested in the treatment of traffic safety hazards at the Hanxiao border of national highway 107. A total of 108 solar road stud markers, 100 reflective cat eye road stud, 60m deceleration boards, 2 signs and simulated traffic police were installed in this section
The road is reinforced with the latest solar road stud markers. Each solar road stud marker is equipped with several small LED light bulbs at both ends. After absorbing energy during the day, it emits striking light at night. It is understood that this new type of equipment is put into use for the first time in Wuhan

solar road stud marker
Compared with conventional energy, solar energy has broad development prospects. And solar road stud markers have benefits of environment-friendly, energy-saving and high-efficiency. It will be use in more and more fields and areas.